My Thoughts: Dating

Another fun topic to discuss today is dating. I hate how dating is in today’s world. So much so in fact that I’d be content to never date again (or get married for that matter).

Why do I hate dating? For me, all I seem to experience out of it is pain. I’m tired of it. I’m also tired of always assuming the worst when I do date someone. I’m someone who thinks ahead and thinks “what if?” when it comes to this area because it is an area of uncertainty and fear. A fear that I don’t want to confront. Now there will be a time where I will have to confront this fear and tear down this wall that I have all around my heart. But in the mean time I don’t want to do that.

These days it’s so difficult to even find a date. I used to try so many different dating sites and all of them lead to rejection. I think in my 7 years on and off dating sites I managed to land 3 dates in total. It’s just frustrating. It’s just tiring.

Now, I want to share with everyone some things to look out for when dating.

  1. Don’t think with heart. Think with your head. Don’t just be with someone because they’re good in bed. That’s nice and all, but if their personality sucks you’re going to be so unhappy and ultimately sex won’t even be an option.
  2. Don’t continue seeing someone who isn’t interested in getting to know you. What I mean is if you’re trying to get to know someone and you’re asking and asking and asking and the other person doesn’t want to ask about you OR if you try to tell them about your day or something going on in your day and they immediately go to talking about themselves without thought or care MOVE ON.
  3. Look out for yourself most importantly. If the person you are seeing isn’t someone you want to keep seeing then let that person know immediately. Rejection sucks but leading someone on making them think that there is a chance when you’ve already checked out only hurts them more in the long run.

So, those are some tips I have. Hopefully they help. Think smart when it comes to dating and be careful most importantly. Look out for yourself.


About stevenplummer

Hey, I'm Steven. Here I'm just going to share my opinions on a few different topics. To name a few here: life, travel, food and just my thoughts in general. I'm sure I'll touch on other topics as well but I'm just using this to share my opinions and use as an outlet to write. Hope you enjoy.
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