My Thoughts: Generic Inspiration

So, I want to talk about generic inspiration on here. What I’m referring to by this is when I’m scrolling on my timeline and see where someone will post a blanket statement saying something along the lines of “You mean something. You are important and valuable, don’t forget it.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I won’t question the person’s heart because I feel that person does mean well.

My issue with this is that it doesn’t carry any meaning, at least for me anyway. When someone tells me something inspirational to me personally is where I feel it has most value. Where it feels like that person actually cares because they’re telling me face to face, or through a direct message or in a form of a note. A blanket inspiration may affect someone positively, and if so that’s awesome. But to me it has so much more meaning when I’m told personally rather than as a blanket statement is what I’m trying to get at.

At the end of the day this is just my personal opinion. I’m not speaking for a majority on this, just for myself. I’d prefer someone saying something inspiration directly towards me as opposed to it being a blanket post because I can just keep scrolling and it won’t tug at my heartstrings like a personal post or talk with someone.


About stevenplummer

Hey, I'm Steven. Here I'm just going to share my opinions on a few different topics. To name a few here: life, travel, food and just my thoughts in general. I'm sure I'll touch on other topics as well but I'm just using this to share my opinions and use as an outlet to write. Hope you enjoy.
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