To The One Who…

…I never gave a chance because I couldn’t let my insecurities allow me to give myself a chance because I was afraid. I was afraid of all the “what if’s” that go on inside my own mind.

I write this, and honestly I’m not even sure if there would’ve or even could’ve been an “us”, but I feel at one time all the cards lined up to where that was a strong possibility. With everyone we know pulling for it, whether you knew that or not. I did like you, a lot. We’ve been friends for years. Your smile always made my day when I do see you, it still does. I’m thankful for our friendship we do have still. I admired you from afar for so long, yet I was closer than you thought. And I couldn’t allow myself the chance to give “us” a chance. Do I regret it? Yes, but I know that you’re happy with the person you’re with now. I can legitimately say that I’m happy for you about that, too.

I write this not because I’m sad. On the contrary, I’m still glad to see you and hang out with you when we can. You’re wonderful. You’re beautiful. Most importantly, you’re happy. That makes me happy knowing that. I’m writing this to let you know I admire you, I always have. Since day one.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. If you do, you may or may not even know this is about you. But I wanted to find a way to express my emotions to you. This is the only way at this point to express that to you.


About stevenplummer

Hey, I'm Steven. Here I'm just going to share my opinions on a few different topics. To name a few here: life, travel, food and just my thoughts in general. I'm sure I'll touch on other topics as well but I'm just using this to share my opinions and use as an outlet to write. Hope you enjoy.
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